A view of the end of the almshouse terrace with trees to the right and the crest on the front of the building

Lady Hewley Trust Almshouses

The Lady Hewley Trust maintains Almshouses on St Saviourgate, York, which accommodate a total of 10 residents in cottages, two of which can accommodate couples. The properties are maintained by the Trust to a high, modern standard. However, they are essentially Victorian buildings, have steep stairs and are therefore not suitable for those with mobility issues. Residents pay a monthly contribution to the Trust.

These are self-contained cottages with living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. There is a communal garden area and shared summer house which are maintained regularly by the Trust. The cottages are intended for independent living – the Trustees do not provide resources for care, cleaning or other assisted living facilities.

Residents must be in a need of affordable accommodation, be aged over 55 years and be of the protestant faith.

Applying to be a resident of the Lady Hewley Almshouses

To apply to become a resident of one of the almshouses, please fill in the form below and you will be assessed for suitability. You will be informed if there are vacant properties available: otherwise suitable candidates will be placed on a waiting list.

You should intend to be a full-time resident, should not share the accommodation with someone else and should not engage in any commercial operations from the premises.

Applicants should be in need, aged over 55 years and be Protestant Christians. If you do not meet these criteria, your application will not be considered.

The information contained in this application form will used only for the purposes of the Lady Hewley Trust and in accordance with Data Protection / GDPR legislation

Applicants are advised that failure to disclose any relevant information may prejudice their application. Misleading or inaccurate information may lead to your appointment being set aside at some time in the future and your having to leave the almshouse.

Almshouse application form.